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What is Grove Zero?

Grove Zero is a platform of electronic modules that make STEAM learning simple, practical, and most importantly, enjoyable. From the easy snap-and-play with magnets, to the block-based programming, Grove Zero comes with intriguing and educational projects to help kids learn 21st century skills, foster creativity, and develop their critical thinking step by step.

By working closely with very experienced educators, Grove Zero also includes curriculum-aligned lesson plans to allow teachers to bring the most engaging learning experience into their classroom.

Main Board BLE

The Main Board BLE is the key to your creative projects. It has all the code inside that can make your project s blink and buzz. Connect it with any combination of Input and Output module to start your inventions.

Light Sensor

The Light Sensor measures the intensity of visible light and tells you how dark or light the environment is.

Sound Sensor

The Sound Sensor listens to the sound around it. You can use it to visualize the sound level or as a sound trigger to control your circuit.

LED Matrix

The LED Matrix is composed of 5x6 LEDs. It can display numbers, letters, graph bars, and pixel images.


A visible light source that provides full-color light with built-in red, green, and blue emitters.


The Buzzer is usually used to make an annoying sound to catch people’s attention, but you can also use it to make ring tones or play music.


This rechargeable battery provides electrical power to your circuit.

Twin Button

The Twin Button has two push-buttons on board - button A and button B. They can detect event s such as a single press, a double press, and a long-pressing.


A rotary actuator that allows for precise control of angular position, it's the key to make a cool robot.

Starter Kit

The kit features 9 color-coded, plug-and-play, and also programmable electronic modules that are specially designed for STEM education. By combining modules and build up creative projects, kids can learn different skills, especially coding, foster creativity, and develop your logical thinking.

What’s included

  • · Main Board
  • · Twin Button
  • · Light Sensor
  • · Sound Sensor
  • · Buzzer
  • · LED Matrix
  • · RGB LED
  • · Servo
  • · Battery


  • · Snap and play
  • · 15+ projects
  • · Support Module Matcher
  • · Support MakeCode
  • · Support SnapCoding
  • · Support Arduino

Bit Kit

The micro:bit Shield included in the kit allows you make the smallest, coolest micro:bit car robot in just a few seconds. This is by adding the versatile magnectic adaptors to your micro:bit and turning it into a Grove Zero control board that can work with the Grove Zero modules. Which means, you can now snap a servo or a sensor to your micro:bit with magnets, no more sodering, no more wiring. The micro:bit Shield also comes with built-in buzzer, programmable RGB LEDs, and most importantly, a 200mAh battery.

What’s included

  • · micro:bit Shield
  • · Color Line Follower
  • · Chassis


  • · On-board rechargeable battery
  • · 4 on-board programmable RGB LED
  • · On-board programmable Buzzer
  • · Lego-compatible micro:bit Shield
  • · Line following
  • · Color recognition
  • · Support MakeCode for micro:bit

Car Kit

This little incredible car can follow lines and detect color. It is built upon serval coding electronic modules that are connected with magnets. With the fun easy-to-play game maps included in the kit, age 6+ kids can learn mathematics, problem solving, and the basic principle of coding.

Modules included

  • · Main Board BLE
  • · Color Line Follower
  • · Chassis
  • · Battery


  • · Snap and play
  • · Line following
  • · Color recognition
  • · Support MakeCode
  • · Support SnapCoding



A graphical programming environment based on Scratch 3.0 - the successor of Scratch 2.0. It allows you to easily program Grove Zero with Scratch language, make interactive games, arts and any other creative projects you have in mind. Furthermore, when you are ready, you can always convert the code blocks to Arduino, Python, or JavaScript to learn about the most popular programming language.

Windows 64位
Windows 32位

Module Matcher

An entry-level, computer-based app to help you learn the basics of coding as well as practice your logical thinking. You can make simple projects very easilly and quickly, just by pairing up the actions of an input and the reactions of an output.

How to Restore/Update Main Board

Microsoft MakeCode

A free online web-based visual programming language for you to start with colored blocks that you can drag and drop onto the workspace to construct your programs and improve your inventions.

Go to Grove Zero for MakeCode Know more about Microsoft MakeCode

Use Grove Zero on Scratch 2.0

We’ve developed the Grove Zero Scratch Helper App to make some of the Grove Zero modules working on Scratch 2.0. You can use Grove Zero modules to control, or interact with your Scratch projects.

Click here visit Scratch Grove Zero Scratch Helper APP
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Our Dream

While there are wide discussions about Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and robots, we know they will come one day. Nobody knows what the world and our life will be like when the day comes. Even though the future is unknown, we have to prepare in advance, so as not to panic when facing it.

Looking back at the technology development in the past 2 decades, from personal computer to Internet and then mobile Internet, we realized that we would have fallen behind if we didn't learn to use these technologies.

In the future, the speed of technology development and iteration will be faster, and we need to provide opportunities for our children to get access to technology, to learn about technology and love technology. Only in this way can they adapt to the changing society and embrace the unknown world.

What is CH makered?

CH MakerEd is short for Chaihuo Maker Education, based in Shenzhen China.

We help users master knowledge & skills in design, electronics, mechanics and programming etc. through high-quality & afforable products that integrate fun into learning. These products unlash creativity and enable users to make innovative projects.

CH MakerEd was spun off from Seeed in 2015, to better develop educational products and services. Hence, an independent team was founded to develop STEM education products and business cooperation in education sector. With 3 years’ development, CH MakerEd has been cooperating with 200+ schools, making it the leading STEM education brand in China.

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