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Plastic rivets x2

Nylon string x1 (min 25cm)

Cardboard (150x250mm, 2mm thickness)

Step2  Edit and test code

Thought process: At the start, the pointscore is equal to zero, clicking the mechanical key increases the points to 100, long pressing resets the point score to zero.

Following this logic, we can test some code.

Step 1  Prepare these materials

Step 4 Construct compartment for Grove Zero Module, and fix base in place.

Step3 Construct Basketball hoop and stand

Step 5 Construct the hoop.

Step 6 Assemble basketball

Step 7 Install Grove Zero modules.

Finally, insert hoop structure into base and the task is finished!

Of course, you can decorate and personalise to your liking.

Codecraft 2.X
G0 module introduction
Codecraft User Manual
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20 min

Welcome to Slamdunk world!This project uses Grove Zero modules and cardboard to make a slamdunk hoop. The equipment uses clever application of a lever. When the basketball smashes into the backboard 100 points is immediately awarded. Slamdunk can be a fun game to play by yourself to destress, or with friends to see who can win the most points.